Fiamma Ultra-Box 3


Fiamma Ultra-Box 3

The classic Fiamma roof box for your motorhome or caravan made of high quality ABS-PLUS. Highly resistant to impacts and weather, this roof box has high UV protection to prevent deterioration, a completely reinforced aluminium structure to resist crumpling or damage, and a watertight foam seal to protect your belongings

Available in two sizes, and comes complete with installation brackets and rust-proof stainless steel hinges

Features :

  • Impact and weather-resistant

  • Durable ABS-PLUS construction

  • Highly UV resistant

  • Reinforced aluminium structure

  • Watertight foam seal

  • Rust-proof stainless steel hinges

  • Installation brackets included 

  • Weight: 13 kg

  • Dimensions: 170 x 91 x 42cm

  • Volume: 520 ltr

​Fiamma part number : 02085-01

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