Fiamma Turbo Vent (White) new 2022 model


Fiamma Turbo Vent

Colour – White

The Turbo-Vent has a big fan with a 12V DC variable speed motor

This model has a white dome with a white colour frame

A classic roof vent with a 12V DC variable speed motor suitable for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions.

This 40 x 40cm Fiamma model is fitted with an aluminium mosquito net and has a transparent ‘crystal’ cover letting in as much light as possible

The aerodynamic design means the vent does not need to be fitted with a spoiler and noise and vibrations are greatly reduced

A patented rubber seal and high-quality UV resistant materials guarantee a watertight system whilst protecting the vent and vehicle against the elements

This model is interchangeable with older 40 x 40cm Fiamma roof vent models and with vents from 36 x 36cm to 42 x 42cm, thanks to its reinforced frame

  • Cover: Transparent ‘white’
  • Power consumption: 36W
  • Minimum absorption: 0.3A
  • Maximum input: 3A
  • Maximum air flow: 35 m³/min

Fiamma part number : 03624F02

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