Fiamma Skirting Caravan


Fiamma Skirting (Caravan)

This skirting is used to help stop wind and rain blowing under your van and is a great accessory when using a Fiamma Privacy Room or Front & Side Blockers

The Fiamma Caravan Skirting can slide in to the standard rail fitted to the bottom of the van and is supplied with a snap fastener installation kit for alternative attachment if you don’t have a rail

This skirting measures 450cm long and 60cm high and the non-fray material can be cut to length

Made in weatherproof, easy clean PVC and is grey colour

Supplied with 1 x wheel arch cover

Features :

  • Easy clean PVC material
  • Includes wheel arch cover
  • Fits to a rail or with pop fasteners
  • Can be cut to size

Available in four versions :

  • Fiamma Skirting Motorhome
  • Fiamma Skirting Caravan
  • Fiamma Skirting VWT5/VW T6
  • Fiamma Skirting Ducato

Fiamma part number : 98655-084

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