Fiamma Side W Pro – F45 (VW T5 or VW T6)


Fiamma Side W Pro (VW T5 or VW T6)

This side panel is designed to fit F45 awnings fitted to a VW T5 or VW T6

Will fit Fiamma F45 and Omnistore 5102 awnings

For awnings fitted at a height of between 180cm to 200cm (measured from the ground to the lowest part of the awning box)

1 x side panel with a large full light Crystal window and vinyl extension to the floor

This is a universal panel and can be fitted either side of the awning

Made of rot-proof vinyl – washable fabric with UV protection

Simple to install

Delivered as standard with :

  • Telescopic tension rafter
  • Elastic hooks and pegs

Dimensions :

  • Length A                     : 190cm
  • Height from ground B : 180 -200cm
  • Weight                        : 3.4kg

Fiamma part number : 07973A01