Fiamma Rafter LED light


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Fiamma Rafter LED
Telescopic Rafter LED made of solid anodized aluminium with 36 strong and brilliant LED lights
The Rafter LED also includes an integral on/off switch
25mA LED lamps grant you a powerful white light in the centre of the awning without overheating and with low consumption
The Rafter LED can be placed in different positions along the awning box
Possible to install more than one Rafter LED in the awning
The rafter has a variable length of 142-265cm
Specifications :
Dimensions            – variable length (142-265cm)
LED colour             – cold white
Tone                       – 7000 K
Light Cone Angle   – 60 °
Lux/1M                  – 98
N° LED                  – 36
Tension                 – 12 V
Absorption            – 0.30A
Absorbed power    – 3.6W
Weight                  – 1.6kg
Fiamma part number : 98655-850
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