Fiamma Patio Mat 440


Fiamma Patio Mat 440

The washable, flame retardant and UV resistant awning mat

The Patio-Mat is made of small resistant polypropylene pipes, allowing the air to pass through leaving the carpet really light and easy to carry

It’s easy to clean dirt from the surface by simply rinsing with water

The Patio-Mat is washable, flame retardant and also UV resistant and maintains it’s colour and technical features for many years

The double face design allows the use of both sides of the Patio-Mat

It comes complete with bands on the corners of the mat enabling it to be secured to the ground by using optional pegs

Supplied as the mat only but an optional handy travel bag made of breathable material is also available

Dimensions :

  • 4.4m x 2.5m




Fiamma part number : 07684-01

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