Fiamma Fix Kit B


Fiamma F45 Fix Kit B

Fiamma Fixing Kit Clip System for : 

  • Rapid set F45TiL
  • F45L Fast Clip 
  • F45TiL 450cm – 550cm & Zip 400cm – 450cm
  • F45i 400cm 

The light grey part measures 6cm high (see image) 

This fitting kit is for the larger Fiamma winch awnings 16.1cm high and are used to connect the clip system onto the awning box

Complete fitting kit with 2 grey brackets (for the rear) that fit into the cassette box and 2 smaller black brackets for use over the front knuckles

Please note the 2 smaller black brackets don’t need to be used on some F45 Ti and older model awnings

Fiamma part number : 98655-898

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