Fiamma F80 or F65 Privacy Room. 425cm (Motorhome)


Fiamma F80 Privacy Room 425cm

For fitting to motorhomes or caravans

For awnings fitted at a height of between 245cm to 280cm (measured from the ground to the underside of the awning)

Double your living space in just 15 minutes!

This privacy room is designed to fit vehicles with a vertically straight side wall such as motorhomes and caravans

With a Privacy Room you can transform your awning into a comfortable living area and make more space available for the entire family or friends

The widened windows, rounded corners and the addition of grey tones make this enclosure more elegant and modern

Made with top quality materials and an extremely strong structure to ensure the best protection from the weather….plus curtains & mosquito nets for your privacy & comfort

This Privacy Room will fit either the Fiamma F80 or F65 awning

This enclosure is made up of a 300cm base unit plus an additional front panel (Q)

Delivered with the following :

  • 1 x front panel with door and window with mosquito net
  • 1 x Additional 125cm front panel (Q)
  • 2 x side panels with windows with mosquito net
  • 1 x curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure
  • 1 x Fast Clip installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles)
  • 1 x Kit elastic ropes with quick hooks
  • 1 x Mega Bag, dim. 140 x 27 x 40cm

Additional information :

  • Vehicle type: Motorhomes and caravans
  • Awning length (A): must match your awning
  • Height from ground (B): 245-280cm
  • Extension (C): 250cm
  • Weight: 25kg

Fiamma part number : 08368B01 + 08364F01


Please note the video shows a Fiamma F65 Privacy Room, this is the same as a F80 Privacy Room