Fiamma F80 awning. 290cm – Titanium Case with a Royal Blue Canopy


Fiamma F80 awning. 290cm

Titanium case with a Royal Blue canopy

The awning is 290cm long and extends out by 200cm

The new F80s range of awnings replaces the previous F65s range

The F80s is structurally smaller than the previous F65s awning and it’s shape integrates better with the shape of most modern vehicles

The F80s also has dual prearrangement for LED lighting on the lead bar and on the rear case, it also has 3 lead bar guides giving the user more accessory mounting options

This model is 290cm long with a Titanium colour outer Box and a Royal Grey fabric

Technical Specifications :
Awning length A – 290 cm
Canopy length B – 278 cm
Extension C – 200 cm
Shade surface – 5.6 m2
Weight – 27 kg

Fiamma part number : 07832A01Q

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