Fiamma F45 Zip awning. 300cm – White case with a Royal Grey canopy


Fiamma F45 ZIP awning. 300cm

White case with a Royal Grey canopy

This awning is 308cm long and extends out by 250cm

The Fiamma ZIP awning has a zip sewn along each side of the roof canopy to allow an easy connection when using the Zip Privacy Room, simply hang the sides and front panel in the correct position and seal everything together with zips

Choosing Guide :

Vehicle :

Perfect for any vehicle from large motorhomes to camper vans

Operation :

Winch opening and closing. Operation by handle

Position :

Designed for wall installation
Delivered with standard installation brackets
Special brackets are available so the awning can be fitted to most vehicles (available separately)

Colours & Materials :


Extra strong extruded aluminium

Very light yet highly resistant external coating in Polar White

Canopy :

UV resistant, waterproof and washable, with bright colours on both sides

Royal Grey

Fiamma part number : 06463A01R