Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro


Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro

The FIAMMA best-seller renews its shape

The design, studied to match aesthetically and perfectly any RV, together with the new colour and the introduction of Bike Block Pro S delivered as standard, make this bike carrier more elegant and modern

The combination of sturdiness and style taking the range forwards

A matter of style :

The predominance of the black colour in the bike carriers’ aesthetics fits perfectly to the new motorhome styling
The totally renewed design of the plastic parts complete the renewal made to the range.  Guaranteeing the range a lasting future

Pro racks will carry two bikes but can be altered to carry 3 or 4 by adding extra rails (we have these available)
Liteweight and will carry up to 60kgs

Supplied with :

·                  2 x Quick Rails for carrying 2 cycles
·                  1 x Bike Block Pro S1
·                  1 x Bike Block Pro S

Optional Extras to expand the carrier for 3 or 4 cycles :

·                  1 or 2 additional Quick Rails
·                  Bike Block Pro S2 & Bike Block Pro S4

Liteweight – 8.3kg and will carry up to 60kg

Fiamma part number : 02094-09A


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