Fiamma Carry-Bike Mercedes V Class Premium (sale item)


Fiamma Carry-Bike 

Mercedes V Class Premium

Designed for vehicles from 2014 onwards

This rack was delivered to a customer, they took it out of the box and realised they had a spoiler fitted to the van and it couldn’t be fitted. The rack has not been installed on a vehicle and is new and unused

Supplied as standard to carry two bikes but can be converted to carry 3 or 4

The rack fits to the existing vehicle hinges at the top of the tailgate and clamps to each side of the tailgate at the bottom

No drilling of the vehicle is required

This version allows the installation of the rail support base in two different positions, one standard and one lower to make it easier to load the bikes

If the rack is used in the lower position it will need a lighting board

Maximum Load 60 kilos

Please note – if you have an electric tailgate it may not open or stay open with the rack fitted

Note from Fiamma :

Before assembly you are advised to contact the dealer to check the correct seal of the gas pistons in accordance with the weight of the carry bikes and to check their wear. Fiamma denies all liability for damage caused by the pistons not suited to support the weight of the carry bikes. It is also advisable to carry out the installation carefully and to check, during automatic closure of the tailgate, the correct adherence of the lower brackets so as not to damage the rear lights

Delivered with :

  • 2 x Rail Premium
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S1
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S3
  • 1 x Rack Holder and Security Strip
  • 1 x Fitting instructions


Fiamma part number : 02094B14A

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