Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77 (e-bike)


Fiamma Carry-Bike Lift 77


This bike rack has been designed to carry 2 electric bikes and is the only one on the market that has a winch system enabling the bike holding frame to be lowered down as much as 77cm, thus enabling the bikes to be loaded easily

Delivered as standard with :

  • 2 x E-Bike Premium Rails
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S1
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S D1
  • 1 x Fitting instructions

Choosing Guide

Vehicle : Suitable for all types of motorhomes

Position : To be installed on the back wall of your motorhome. Wall fixing points with vertical wheelbase from 68 to 108 cm

Capacity : Two bikes carried as standard

Weight – 16.3kg
Max Load – 60kg

Fiamma part number : 02093E43A

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