Fiamma Carry-Bike Caravan XL A Pro 200 E-Bike


Fiamma Carry-Bike

Caravan XL A Pro 200 (e-bike)

Special version specifically designed for the transport of two electric bicycles

Fits to the A-Frame and has a reinforced structure for maximum safety

Additional information :

You will need to measure from the Body of the Caravan to the first obstacle (hand Brake lever or Jockey wheel) there needs to be 23cm of clearance to fit the Carry-Bike rack

  • Weight – 7.5kg
  • Max load – 35kg

Delivered with :

  • 1 x Rail Premium
  • 1 x Rail Premium Mini
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro 1
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro D1
  • 1 x Fastening strip to secure the first bike

Choosing Guide :


Fits most types of caravan


To be installed on the front part of the caravan on the A-frame


Two bikes carried as standard

Fiamma part number : 02093E32A

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