SKU: 13368
Fiamma Carry-Bike 200 DJ

VW Crafter (after 2006)

Please note this is for vans from 2006 onwards

This rack clamps to the sides of the rear door so no need to use nuts and bolts but you will need to drill 4 x small holes to fit security screws

The rear door can be opened without removing the bicycles

Will also fit the VW Crafter after 2006

Supplied with:
  • 2 x  Rail Premium
  • 1 x Bike-Block Pro 1
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro 2
  • 1 x  Rack Holder
  • 1 x  Security Strip, installation bracket and Fixing-Bar
This rack weighs 9kgs and can carry loads up to 35kgs

Fiamma part number :