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Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light

Compact, light and easy to install

Privacy Ultra Light is designed for F45S, F45L, F65S and F65L awnings

Its speed of installation and mounting versatility, on straight or shaped wall, together with its ease of use make this room great for short stays, weekends and for those who like to move fast

Light, durable and quick to assemble

The Privacy Ultra Light is made from Ripstop material, a lightweight and tear-resistant fabric. The mesh of the Ripstop fabric is characterized by a weave of threads through different sections that create strength and sturdiness whilst remaining very light

Because the fabric is so light its quick and easy to set out and can easily be carried out by just one person

Ventilated roof for optimal temperature and improved comfort

The double roof (the awning fabric and the Ripstop Privacy roof) creates an air chamber with constant ventilation thus lowering the temperature inside the room. The side panels can be completely rolled up to offer greater comfort and coolness and are both equipped with mosquito nets

The Privacy Ultra Light allows you to fully open the side panels extending the shade, on the front panel it is possible to slide additional panels like Blocker or Sun View creating a further covered area to protect and store bikes and other accessories

Particularly suitable for use in the warmer seasons

Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light

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